Modley’s                         Starters                    Modley’s

Home Made Soup           Served with a crusty roll                     £2.45


Melon and Sorbet            A medley of Melon balls                     £3.55

                                      And Raspberry Sorbet


Garlic Mushrooms          Fresh Button Mushrooms                   £3.45

                                      Saunteed in Garlic Butter


Pate                                Brussels Pate served with                    £3.95

                                      A crusty roll and salad


Prawn Cocktail                Succulent Prawns served on               £4.25

                                      A bed of Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber

                                      And Onion topped with Marie Rose

                                      Sauce and Lemon garnish


Heysham Ferry                Avocado Pear, filled with Prawns        £4.45

                                      & Marie Rose sauce, served with salad


Morecambe Bay              Hot Buttered Shrimps with salad         £4.65

Favourites                       garnish and lemon


Smoked Salmon              Smoked Cornets Salmon filled            £4.95

And Prawns                    with Prawns, salad and lemon


King Prawns Filo             King Prawns wrapped in Filo              £4.95

                                      Pastry with Garlic dip, salad

                                      Garnish and lemon


Scampi                           Breaded Scampi served with               £4.15

                                      Tartar sauce, salad and lemon


Moules Mariniere             Fresh Mussels in a white wine sauce    £4.95


Breaded Lobster Tails     with garlic mayonnaise dip, salad         £4.45

                                      And lemon


Battered Squid rings        with Tartar sauce, salad and lemon      £3.95


Blue Cheese                    Button mushrooms in a creamy           £3.95

Mushrooms                    Blue Cheese sauce


The Fish


Modley’s special:            Chef’s choice of 3 types of fish          £12.95

Mixed Fish Grill              Grilled with butter and lemon

                                      Garnished with Shrimps



Modley’s special:            A selection of hot and cold                 £12.95

Mixed Seafood Platter     Shellfish, Smoked fish &                    (£22.00)

                                      Marinated fish, with salad          (for 2)

                                         At least 12 variations of seafood



Halibut                            Poached with a Mushroom, Onion      £11.75

Creamy wine and Brandy sauce



Swordfish                       Poached with Mussels, Prawns and     £11.75

                                      Creamy wine and Brandy sauce



Salmon Fillet                   Grilled with Flour, Lemon and             £11.75

Butter or served with a sauce



Lemon sole fillets            Grilled with Flour, Lemon and             £11.50

                                      Butter or served with a sauce




Haddock                         Poached Haddock with Shrimps,        £10.25

                                      Mushrooms and Onions in a

                                      Creamy wine and Brandy sauce



Every dish on our menu is made up to your requirements so a few minutes

wait will be necessary but we hope this adds to a relaxed Leisurely  evening.

If you are in a hurry please inform us.





The Grill and Meats


Fillet                               Prime Fillet Steak garnished                £12.25

10oz (285g approx)         with Mushrooms and Tomatoes


Sirloin                             Prime Sirloin Steak garnished              £11.95

12oz (340g approx)         with Mushrooms and Tomatoes


Roast loin of lamb           Tender loin of lamb served with £10.25

                                      A side of Mint sauce


Mixed Grill                      Fillet & Sirloin Steak, Chicken            £12.95

                                      Breast, Lamb Chop and sausage,

                                      Garnished with Tomatoes and



Chicken Curry                 Strips of Chicken & Vegetables          £9.75

                                      Stir Fried in a mild and tasty

                                      Curry sauce with rice


Half Roast Duckling        Sprinkled with brown sugar                 £10.25

                                      And lightly grilled


Chicken Kiev                  Breast of Chicken stuffed with            £9.75

                                      Garlic butter and covered in



Freshly made sauces       Pepper sauce                            All     £1.00




                                      Garlic Cream



Fillet and Sirloin              Served with grilled Tomatoes              £14.95

18oz (510g approx)         and Mushrooms


Cajun Chicken Breast      Grilled Chicken Breast in a                  £9.75

                                      Cajun spice


Chicken Chasseur           Breast of Chicken served                    £9.75

                                      With a Chasseur sauce

Vegetable Curry              Stir Fried Vegetables with a                 £7.95

                                      Mild Curry sauce served with rice


Vegetable Lasagne           Layers of Pasta & pureed Vegetables  £7.95

                                      Topped with Cheese sauce


Vegetable Pasta Bake      Mixed Vegetable Stir fried with pasta   £7.95

                                      And topped with cheese and oven baked


Mushroom and                Mushrooms and Courgettes, dusted    £8.15

Courgette Stroganoff       with Paprika, coated in a cream and

                                      Brandy sauce, served with rice

Pasta with a spicy            

Tomato sauce                   pasta tubes or bows with mushrooms and

                                         Onions, bolognaise sauce, cheese to taste

                                          If required, if not a totally vegan dish     £8.15



All meals served with

Plenty of fresh vegetables

Potatoes and Chipped Potatoes



Sweets and Coffees


Sweet selection available nightly          £2.75

Cheese and Biscuits                                     £3.75

Liqueur coffees                                            £3.10

Coffee and mints (bottomless cup!)               £1.20




We can produce any dishes from the ingredients in

Our kitchen that you may prefer, other than above.

Special diets catered for please ask Debbie!


Tonight’s Specials



Freshly Dressed Crab & Garnish.                        £4.95

Smoked Halibut with Prawns                                       £4.95


New Zealand Mussels in Mushroom cream,                  £4.95

   wine & brandy sauce.


Black Pudding and Bacon served with Mustard             £3.55


Smoked trout fillet with salad garnish                           £4.75




   Chicken breast stuffed with cheese and

wrapped in bacon served with a light demi glaze.          £9.95


Mini pork joint with light peach and pork force meat.    £9.75


Joint of leg of lamb minted gravy                               £9.75


  Beef Stroganoff served with Rice                                 £10.50


Wild Boar in a cider sauce                                          £13.95


Kangaroo in a chasseur sauce                                      £12.95


Zebra Steak in Pepper Sauce (optional)                       £14.55


Ostrich Steak in Pepper Sauce (optional)                     £13.95


Exotic Platter (Mix of the above 4)                             £15.95